1727 Flag

To purchase a 1727 Flag, contact DKI or visit one of the following retailers: 
State Farm – 121 N McKean St, Kittanning, PA
BS Outfitters – 259 South Jefferson St. 
Armstrong County Tourist Bureau – 125 Market St.
Also available at all DKI Events.

The 1727 Flag also referred to as the “Kittanning Flag” serves as a way to promote the Kittanning Area. It’s now out – If you’re interested in buying one, right now you can pick one up at State Farm on North McKean Street. DKI is also looking for other business who want to sell the flag, if you interested please reach out. 

The flag showcases three unique and appealing aspects of the Kittanning area.

  1. The history, which dates back almost 300 years.
  2. The Allegheny River, which also implies adventure.
  3.  Our strong sense of community.


Kittanning is an American Indian settlement dating to 1727, “Kit-han-ne” meaning “at the great river.” The Kittanning area was also the site of a pivotal battle during the French and Indian War. The area later became an important center for trading and commerce along the Allegheny River.

1727 References:

The number 1727 can be found on the Kittanning keystone markers, the uniform patch of the Kittanning Police Force, and on the Attique Indian Town Plaque in the Riverfront Park.


The flag is a flat design, meant to be timeless. It was designed by Kittanning resident Robert Milligan.

We’re encouraging business to use or incorporate elements of the flag in their promotions.

We’re also working on a flag adventure challenge, with more details to follow soon!